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Submissions for Top Honor in the Polyurethanes Industry Now Being Accepted

The Polyurethane Innovation Award Honors Transformative Technologies and Practices in the Polyurethanes Industry

Betsy Pray

WASHINGTON (March 6, 2023) — Applications for the 2023 Polyurethane Innovation Award are now being accepted through June 19, 2023. This award is presented by the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) and is widely considered the industry’s top technical honor. The Award recognizes companies and individuals whose determination and vision bring to market innovative, life-enhancing products, technologies, and initiatives. 

Lee Salamone, Senior Director, CPI
This year marks the 65th year of this conference and we look forward to continuing the tradition of recognizing the polyurethane industry’s top trailblazers. Polyurethanes continue to be one of the most versatile chemistries helping to solve today’s challenges and the Innovation Award acknowledges individuals who are driving the polyurethane industry forward with their hard work and determination.

The recipient of the 2022 Polyurethane Innovation Award was Carbon, who received it for its EPU 44 technology. As described by Carbon, EPU 44 is a 40% bio-based production-grade elastomeric 3D printing resin especially well-suited for lattices where high resiliency is needed. It has superior latticing performance, prints faster, uses less material, and has higher green strength which protects delicate designs.

Entries for the 2023 Innovation Award are required to represent new innovations that have not been previously submitted for the Innovation Award. Eligible innovations include finished products, chemistries, initiatives, training or education programs, processes, and processing equipment that have entered the market, for the first time, between June 18, 2021 and June 19, 2023. Companies or individuals must submit an application no later than 5 p.m. EDT on June 19, 2023. To view entry requirements and apply for the Polyurethane Innovation Award, please see the Innovation Award submission form. CPI will present the Innovation Award at the conclusion of the 2023 Polyurethanes Technical Conference, taking place at the Marriott Rivercenter in San Antonio, Tx., on Sept. 25-27, 2023.

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Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI)

The business of polyurethane is an $89.3 billion enterprise and a key element of the U.S. economy. The industry directly employs over 260,000 Americans and operates in nearly 1,000 locations across the United States. A major job creator in the United States, each job in the polyurethanes industry yields nearly five more jobs indirectly.

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