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TSCA Section 5 Testing Consortium

Kat Gale

In 2017, ACC formed the TSCA Section 5 Testing Consortium, housed within the Center. Since its creation, ACC has been actively working with EPA to address the Agency’s draft New Chemical Categories for four lung-effect categories: General Surfactants, Polycationic Substances, Waterproofing Agents and Insoluble Polymer Lung Overload. The Consortium represents chemical manufacturers either affected by or anticipating future impact by the draft lung-effect categories, and is dedicated to working toward collaborative solutions with EPA to ensure the chemical industry’s continued ability to innovate and introduce new chemicals to the market, while ensuring appropriate review of new chemicals’ safety.

The Consortium’s activities include:

  • Compiling pertinent data for each chemical category to determine data needs,
  • Exploring viability of alternative testing protocols,
  • Forming working groups within the Consortium to specifically address issues unique to each of the chemical categories,
  • Continuing to meet with EPA to discuss technical and scientific issues regarding EPA’s draft chemical categories.

While fully underway, the Consortium is still welcoming new members. Companies that have not yet expressed an interest in joining are urged to do so as soon as possible, especially if they would like to participate in any future meetings with EPA.

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