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Process Automation Users Group (PAUG) Subgroups

Bill Gulledge
Secure Data Globe

Currently, the Process Automation Users Group (PAUG) maintains two working groups.

The Automation Modernization Work Group

The Automation Modernization Work Group is focused on sharing information, excellent practices and resources to facilitate users’ needs with future and recently developed control systems. The Automation Modernization Work Group is seeking to provide alternative continuous improvement approaches and request vendors to approach new control system designs with consideration and forethought for hardware infrastructure life extension strategies capable of online modernization by design that minimize the negative impact on user productivity and provide some interchangeability.

The Cybersecurity Work Group

The Cybersecurity Work Group is tasked to identify potential cyber hazards to process automation systems, determine the possible likelihood and consequence of those hazards and define protective systems that may mitigate those hazards. The Cybersecurity Work Group is closely aligned with the ACC Chemical Information Technology Center’s Cyber Security Networking Group. It continues to seek the integration of process safety implementation with cybersecurity protection.

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