The Facts about FluoroTechnology or PFAS

FluoroTechnology is essential to modern life and is an important enabling technology for society. 

  • blue test tubes FluoroTechnology, often referred to as fluorinated chemicals or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), is a diverse group of chemistries characterized by the strong bond between fluorine and carbon. Because of this strong bond, FluoroTechnology provides products with strength, durability, stability, and resilience. These properties are critical to the reliable and safe function of a broad range of products that are important for industry and consumers. Click here for more.
  • Multiple industries depend on high-performance FluoroTechnology including aerospace, alternative energy, automotive, building and construction, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, electronics, healthcare, oil and gas, outdoor apparel and equipment, semiconductors, just to name a few. 
  • FluoroTechnology is used in a wide array of products and plays a vital role in everything from designing automobiles with lower emissions and improved safety, reliability and fuel-efficiency to manufacturing semiconductors, solar panels and high performance electronics. 
  • FluoroTechnology provides a unique combination of properties that often cannot be replicated with non-fluorinated alternatives. 

PFAS are a diverse family of chemistry that includes a broad range of substances with different characteristics, chemical profiles and uses. It is neither scientifically accurate nor appropriate to group all PFAS together or take a one-size fits all regulatory approach for this wide range of substances. 

  • female medical techPFAS include a variety of different chemicals with different properties and characteristics. Therefore the hazard and risk profile of various PFAS are very different. 
  • One key type of PFAS in use today is fluoropolymers, a type of specialty plastic. Because of their physical characteristics, fluoropolymers are not toxic or water soluble. They provide products with chemical resistance, thermal stability, resilience and are essential to electronics, cell phones, and medical devices. 
  • Another major type of PFAS in use today is fluorotelomers, which are well-studied and meet relevant regulatory standards for the protection of human health and the environment. Fluorotelomers provide oil repellency and soil resistance for textiles (including first responder gear and medical garments), carpeting, and specialized paper. They are also critical to certain firefighting foams and many paint and coating applications. 

Uses and Benefits

Fluorotechnology makes important products for vital industries possible. Download the infographic to learn more.

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PFAS/FluoroTechnology Facts

FluoroTechnology is essential to modern life and is an important enabling technology for society. Learn more.