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Fluorotechnology Makes Important Products for Vital Industries Possible

Tom Flanagin

FluoroTechnology is the use of fluorine chemistry to create any fluorinated product. When fluorine and carbon atoms join together, they create a powerful chemical bond. The use and manipulation of this bond gives FluoroTechnology its distinct properties of strength, durability, heat-resistance and stability. These properties are critical to the reliable and safe function of myriad products that industry and consumers rely on every day.

Starburst infographic highlighting the various products using fluorotechnology
Electronics Icon


Improves insulation, weather-ability, transparency and water resistance. Provides smooth and smudge-resistant touch screens.

Aerospace Icon


Enables chemical-resistant tubes, hoses and fluid seals; high- and low- temperature brake and hydraulic fluids used in aircraft control systems; and ultra-high frequency wire and cable insulation necessary for navigation, fly-by-wire control and aircraft communications.

Building & Construction Icon


Enhances durability, UV resistance and anti-corrosive properties to lengthen the lifetime of infrastructure, facades and surfaces.

First Responders Icon

First Responders

Offers life-saving protection in safety gear and firefighting foams used to fight flammable liquid fires.

Automotive Icon


Provides automotive systems with durability and heat, chemical resistance and vapor barriers. Increases reliability of engine compartment wirings, gauges and improves safety by reducing engine compartment fires. Protects carpets and seats against stains, soil, oil and water.

Alternative Energy Icon

Alternative Energy

Enables lithium batteries, fuel cells and solar panels, which contribute to reduced emissions and energy costs.

Oil Icon

Oil & Gas

Provides reliable equipment to help improve the safety and affordability of oil-field and pipeline operations. Improves the reliability and safety of fuel system seals and hoses, O-rings and downhole and field equipment gaskets.

Semiconductors Icon


Creates the ultra-pure manufacturing environments necessary for micro-electronics. Used for plasma machinery, etching materials, cleaning fluids and wetting surfactants for chemical etchants.

Military Icon


Enables apparel and equipment to provide protection in extreme environments and against chemical warfare agents.

Healthcare Icon


Serves as high dielectric insulators in medical equipment that relies on high frequency signals, like defibrillators, pacemakers and CRT, PET and MRI imaging devices. Used to treat medical garments, drapes and divider curtains to protect against the transmission of diseases and infections.

Chemicals Icon

Chemical/Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Provides sterile, corrosion-resistant coatings, linings and equipment.

Outdoors Icon

Outdoor Apparel/Equipment

Creates breathable membranes and long-lasting finishes that provide water repellency, oil repellency, stain resistance and soil release with abrasion-resistant finishes for apparel and equipment.