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Statistics on the Plastic Resins Industry

Jean Vallianos

The PIPS group manages a comprehensive online library of current year and historical reports that are available through an annual subscription.

In addition to the various monthly statistical reports, ACC also publishes Resin Review, an annual summary containing detailed data tables on resin production, end-use market sales, industry capacities, and capacity utilization rates. The 75-page digital reference manual also lists reporting producers for each resin in the PIPS program, explains the basics of polymer chemistry and manufacturing processes, details the history of plastics development, provides a glossary of plastics terms, and lists additional sources of plastics industry information. The latest edition of Resin Review is available for purchase via the ACC Store.

Security & Confidentiality

Companies submit data directly to an ACC contractor via a secured, online database, using confidential company codes provided only to the contractor and the individual company. The contractor collects and analyzes all data which is then aggregated to help protect the confidentiality of any individual company's data. The contractor must hold all individual company data in strict confidence and takes additional steps during the process to help ensure no one could identify, directly or indirectly, a company's individual data.

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