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Huntsman Corporation and Pursell Agri-Tech Announced as Winner of Prestigious 2021 Polyurethane Innovation Award

Top CPI Award Presented at Annual Polyurethanes Technical Conference in Denver, Colo.

Allison Edwards

DENVER, Colo. (October 7, 2021) – The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) today announced Huntsman Corporation and Pursell Agri-Tech PurActive™ - built with the RIMLINE® polyurethane system has won the 2021 Polyurethane Innovation Award. The Innovation Award is renowned throughout the polyurethane industry and recognizes companies and individuals whose visions and perseverance bring new innovative, life-enhancing products, technologies, and initiatives to the marketplace.

“On behalf of CPI, congratulations to Huntsman Corporation and Pursell Agri-Tech on this outstanding achievement,” said Lee Salamone, senior director of CPI. “This exciting, groundbreaking technology helps bolster our industry’s role in creating a more sustainable future. CPI is proud to recognize and honor Huntsman and Pursell on this breakthrough achievement.”

Huntsman and Pursell Agri-Tech describe their winning entry as:

“Through the combination of novel chemistry and processing techniques Huntsman Polyurethanes & Pursell Agri-Tech have jointly developed a revolutionary polyurethane based controlled release fertilizer coating; - built with the RIMLINE® polyurethane system. This next-generation technology addresses the agronomic and other needs of today’s growers while focusing on nutrient-use efficiency, increased yields, environmental pollution control, and manufacturing productivity to bring substantial benefits at each step of the value chain. RIMLINE® is a registered trademark of Huntsman Corporation or an affiliate thereof in one or more, but not all, countries.”

“The Huntsman team is pleased to accept the 2021 Polyurethane Innovation Award,” says Jan Buberl, VP - Huntsman Polyurethanes Americas. “Years of planning and joint development have led to this moment and it is a well-deserved accomplishment for both the Huntsman and Pursell Agri-Tech teams. Through the development of PurActive™ polyurethane-based, controlled-release fertilizer coating, built with the RIMLINE® polyurethane system, it is possible to positively impact the world food crisis, a growing issue after the pandemic. We are excited about what this technology brings to the world and the magnitude of issues it can potentially solve.”

“We are thrilled that Pursell Agri-Tech and Huntsman have won the CPI Innovation Award, especially among so many impressive entries, says Joe Brady, CFO of Pursell Agri-Tech. “We look forward to leveraging this innovative technology in partnership with Huntsman to create a positive impact on sustainable agriculture on a global basis.”

This year, three finalists were selected to present their products at the 2021 Polyurethanes Technical Conference in Denver, the other two being BASF’s and Ford Motor Company’s

BASF describes their Elastopan® 42320 as:

“The Xenith LOOP is the most comfortable and best performing non-tackle football headgear on the market based on 2019 Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings. The headgear is the industry’s first ever purpose-built protective equipment made specifically for the sport. It’s powered by BASF’s newly developed intelligent energy absorbing foam Elastopan® 42320.”

Ford Motor Company describes their Graphene-Enhanced PU Foams as:

“Due to its lightweight and incredibly strong properties, graphene has been called the “miracle material” with virtually limitless potential. In November 2018, Ford Motor Company launched one of the world’s first high-volume, production applications of graphene improving vehicle sustainability, noise abatement and heat performance. Already finding its way into more than 12 foam components under-hood including engine, pump and fuel rail covers across several vehicle lines, Ford plans for even further expansion in the future.”

Eligible innovations included finished products, chemistries, initiatives, training or education programs, or processes and processing equipment that had entered the market, for the first time, between June 16, 2018, and June 15, 2021. Complications from COVID-19 put a pause on the Innovation Award last year; therefore, the previous 24-month eligibility requirement was extended to three years.

In addition to the 2021 Polyurethane Innovation Award, the 2021 Polyurethanes Technical Conference also featured the Distinguished Leadership Award, 16 technical sessions, 19 posters, 70-plus presentations and 35 exhibitors.

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Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI)

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