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C6 Fluorotelomers Provide Critical Protection for Textiles

Shawn Swearingen

C6 Based Fluorotelomers are used to treat textiles and nonwovens to impart water, soil, oil and stain resistance, and to provide a protective barrier against infiltration by contaminants. These C6 Fluorotelomer coatings are designed to be bound to the fibers when applied, providing unique performance benefits such as:

C6 Fluorotelomer Textiles
  • Exceptional durability and maintenance of apparel leading to long lifetime of products with reduced resource intensity (e.g., less frequent laundering, lower water/energy use to clean clothes, extended longevity of clothes so replaced less frequently, etc.) all of which are important to advancing enhanced sustainability of apparel products. 
  • Protective barriers to help safeguard against spread of infections and transmission of diseases in hospitals, health care and emergency response settings, including protection against microbial contaminants, such as viruses and bacteria, as well as other chemical and biological threats.
  • Unique durable water- and oil-repellency (DWOR), including properties that help prevent hypothermia and resistance to extreme temperatures. 
  • Stain-resistance and soil release (repel-release). 
  • High heat and chemical resistance. 
  • Protection against contamination in clean room environments. 
  • UV resistance. 
  • Abrasion resistant finishes. 
  • Preserving the integrity of protective equipment, including life-saving bullet-proof ballistic fabrics. 
  • Ability to meet and comply with key performance and safety standards.

For many applications of C6 Fluorotelomers, no suitable alternatives exist or have been identified that can match these performance benefits. This performance is critical for applications such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers, where C6 Based Fluorotelomers provide the chemical barrier necessary to help protect healthcare personnel against contact with microbiological contaminants, including blood-borne pathogens.

C6 Fluorotelomers Have Been Reviewed & Approved by Regulators Around the World

Our member companies that make and use C6 Fluorotelomer based products are committed to protecting public health and our environment, employing practices and technologies throughout the manufacturing process to curtail emissions of these chemistries.

These C6 Based Fluorotelomer products have undergone testing for potential effects on both human health and the environment, including regulatory reviews by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In addition, regulatory bodies in Europe, Canada and Asia have determined C6 Fluorotelomer Based Products meet relevant standards for the protection of human health and the environment.


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