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Facts About C6 Fluorotelomers

Shawn Swearingen
Medical professional in personal protective equipment

C6 Fluorotelomers Facts

The most common types of fluorotelomer based products are side chain fluorinated polymers and fluorosurfactants.

Side chain fluorinated polymers, also known as fluorinated polymers, are polymeric fluorotelomer-based products that consist of non-fluorinated carbon backbones with polyfluoroalkyl side chains. They are used to treat textiles, carpets, nonwovens and paper to provide water, soil, oil and stain resistance, among other applications.

Fluorosurfactants are non-polymeric fluorotelomer-based derivatives that are used in aqueous film forming foams (AFFF or fluorinated firefighting foams) and as coatings additives.

  • C6 Fluorotelomer-based products are versatile chemistries with wetting and spreading features, as well as unique properties that repel water, oil and stains.
  • These unique characteristics make fluorotelomers a critical component of first responder gear, medical garments, paints and coatings, upholstery, and class B firefighting foam, among other uses that families and businesses across the world rely on.
  • Our member companies that make and use fluorotelomer based products are committed to protecting public health and our environment, employing practices and technologies throughout the manufacturing process to minimize emissions of these chemistries.

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