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Fuel Additives Task Group (FATG)

Colleen Stevens
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The Fuel Additive Task Group (FATG), a task group of the Petroleum Additives Industry Group, works to address fuel additive performance issues, such as test protocol development, product specification, and third-party standard setting. The FATG membership includes U.S. gasoline and diesel additive manufacturers.

Fuel additives impart additional chemical properties to gasoline and diesel fuels, which in turn leads to improved function and performance. Common automotive performance enhancing products include: deposit control additives, cetane improvers, lubricity additives, friction modifiers, antifoam additives, corrosion inhibitors, demulsifiers/dehazers, anti-valve seat recession additives, fuel borne catalysts for particulate filters, metal deactivators, stabilizers, cold flow improvers, and conductivity improvers.

Fuel Additives Task Group (FATG) Members

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