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Code of Practice Resources

Colleen Stevens

For more than 30 years, the Code of Practice (COP) has helped raise the bar for testing and performance of engine lubricants.

Previous Edition of the Code of Practice

Industry Resources Code of Practice

To assist in the process of test development and preparation of information needed for test consideration, the ACC PAPTG provides the following resources.

Code of Practice Alert Bulletins

PAPTG 2023 Alert Bulletins
PAPTG 2019 Alert Bulletins
PAPTG 2018 Alert Bulletins
PAPTG 2017 Alert Bulletins
PAPTG 2016 Alert Bulletins
PAPTG 2015 Alert Bulletins
PAPTG 2014 Alert Bulletins
  • No alert bulletins were issued in 2014.
PAPTG 2013 Alert Bulletins
  • No alert bulletins were issued in 2013.
PAPTG 2012 Alert Bulletins
PAPTG 2011 Alert Bulletins
  • No alert bulletins were issued in 2011.
PAPTG 2010 Alert Bulletins
PAPTG 2009 Alert Bulletins
PAPTG 2008 Alert Bulletins
PAPTG 2007 Alert Bulletins
PAPTG 2006 Alert Bulletins
PAPTG 2005 Alert Bulletins
PAPTG 2004 Alert Bulletins
PAPTG 2003 Alert Bulletins
PAPTG 2002 Alert Bulletins

Code of Practice Code Bulletins

Code Bulletins that have been issued since the 2005 edition of the ACC Product Approval Code of Practice are listed here.  All other Code Bulletins have been archived. For older Code Bulletins, please contact the PAPTG Manager.

Code of Practice Replacement Pages

Changes have been made to the ACC Product Approval Code of Practice January 2018 Edition. The replacement pages below contain the changes and are considered in effect. Code practitioners are advised to replace pages in their Code with these pages. Please note that all changes have been previously communicated in Code Bulletins. If you have questions, please contact the PAPTG Manager.

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