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Existing Regulatory Efforts to Address PFAS

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Advancing an Effective Approach

PFAS are a large and diverse universe of chemistries that are critical to the products that power our lives -- the cellphones, tablets and telecommunications we use every day to connect with our friends and family; the aircrafts that power the U.S. military; alternative energy sources; and medical devices that help keep us healthy. PFAS are being used to support COVID-19 testing equipment and to provide lifesaving protection in medical garments – both uses that have helped save lives around the world in the midst of the pandemic.

PFAS are vital to enabling our lives in the 21st century. ACC strongly supports the responsible production, use and management of fluorinated substances and support a comprehensive approach to managing PFAS that will help to ensure protection of human health and the environment, taking into consideration the diversity of physical and chemical properties and the environmental and health profiles of these substances.

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The Four Pillars of a Comprehensive Approach Include


To date, ACC has worked with regulators and lawmakers at the federal and state level on a host of initiatives to address key issues of concern while continuing to allow for the important uses and benefits of PFAS technologies. In October 2021, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) identified several activities as part of its PFAS Strategic Roadmap – many of which ACC
and its members support.

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