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Bill Gulledge

From the technical aspects of ensuring a company’s infrastructure, architecture, and applications are operating at optimum capacity, to creating a culture that allows employees to thrive and succeed while contributing to the company’s bottom-line results, the role of a chemical company CIO comes with a variety of challenges. With so many emerging technologies and trends available for use in the chemical industry, it is important for CIOs to have a trusted network of peers to share ideas, challenges, and similar experiences and help ease the CIO journey.

The CIO Roundtable fosters excellence among chemical company information technology executives (CIOs) through the invaluable opportunity to gather periodically to share experiences, identify solutions that have worked well for others, and collectively address common IT issues they would otherwise face separately. Participation in the CIO Roundtable also allows CIOs to influence the strategic agenda and future direction of ChemITC.

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