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Cyber Security Information Sharing Network

Bill Gulledge
Woman Working on Computer in Lab

Cyber Security aims to safely and securely protect business information technology systems, industrial automation and control systems and the intersection of the two. With increasingly complex and subtle attack threat vectors on businesses, the Cyber Security Information Sharing Network provides chemical industry professionals working with either of these critical systems an opportunity to address these anticipate and mitigate potential issues. The Network serves as a forum for companies to share information related to Cyber Security, address application methods for managing industrial information technology and leverage information and lessons learned from participating companies in order to effectively and efficiently address future risks.

Key focus areas for global information sharing include:

  • Compliance and risk management
  • Industry practices for mitigating cyber attacks and maintaining industrial Cyber management
  • Technologies designed to improve the state of operations and support industrial information technology systems
  • Coordination with the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies and establishing working relationships with similar groups in other industries
  • Process controls and manufacturing information technology security