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Survey and Benchmarking Program

Bill Gulledge

Through a variety of member company surveys, the ChemITC® Survey and Benchmarking Program enables ChemITC members to benchmark their use of information technology. The group facilitates member company participation in a variety of surveys. The results provide chemical company IT executives with a better understanding of common industry-wide practices and trends and help them make more informed IT decisions in the future.

The Survey and Benchmarking Program offers four types of surveys:

  • The Annual IT Survey – Annual survey designed to help ChemITC members understand their IT focus areas and budgets relative to the industry as a whole.
  • Ad Hoc surveys – Limited scope surveys that can be created to solicit feedback on a specific subject.
  • Roundtable surveys – Networking surveys that can help companies understand activity and opinions surrounding particular issues of member interest.
  • Threaded discussions – Interactive surveys designed for questions that are broader in nature and require an explanation around the subject.

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