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Betsy Beckwith

Silicones are pliable and bacteria-and-heat resistant and make an ideal durable material for use in the kitchen. Silicone kitchen tool varieties are endless, with products ranging from baking molds and oven mitts to collapsible food containers and sippy cups. Bakeware and cookware are more sturdy, convenient, easy to use and long-lasting when made with silicone rubber. Cake pans, muffin molds, and baking mats can go from the freezer to the oven, microwave or dishwasher without affecting the quality of the product or the food.

Silicone kitchen tools’ resistance to high temperatures, hygienic properties and safety for human health, even after extensive use, make them a reliable and convenient partner in the kitchen.

Silicones are ideal ingredients of household polishes and cleaners for floors and countertops. They enhance shine, spread easily and do not chemically react with surface materials.

Silicones in fabric softeners help preserve "newness" because of their softening properties. Silicones' elasticity helps smooth out wrinkles. As anti-foaming agents in laundry detergents, silicones ensure foam control during a wash cycle.

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