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Betsy Beckwith

Silicones have revolutionized fabrics of all kinds. As finishes, they help fabrics retain shape, texture and resistance to abrasion. They are used to help achieve uniformity and brilliance of color. They help make leather shoes and rain gear waterproof. And they seal out water from goggles and diving masks.

Silicones enable new techniques to design sportswear that is lightweight, durable, water repellent and high performing, while allowing the fabric to maintain “breathability”.

Silicone is an odorless, colorless, non-oily cleaning agent that is used in dry cleaning to carry detergent to clothes and rinse away suspended dirt and oils trapped by the detergent. It does not interact with textiles, and therefore helps maintain the quality and color of dry-cleaned clothes. Silicones used in home fabric softeners help preserve textiles because of their softening properties. And, silicones' elasticity also helps smooth wrinkles.

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