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Benefits & Applications

Sahar Osman-Sypher

Formaldehyde is an Essential Ingredient

Formaldehyde is a critical chemical building block in the production of hundreds of items and plays an important role in everyday life. For example, not only is the generation of formaldehyde essential for human metabolism, it is also used as part of the process to create and form many materials that we depend upon regularly. However, did you know that little or no formaldehyde is present in the final product? As an essential reactive intermediate (or ingredient) in the production of many common products and used by many sectors (e.g., building materials, flooring, medical devices, automobiles, agriculture applications), the chemistry of formaldehyde is helping to improve the standard of living by creating products that last longer, and are higher in quality, performance, and safety with little to no formaldehyde remaining in the final product.

Formaldehyde is Functional, Efficient and Affordable

The ability of formaldehyde, in combination with countless other molecules, to chemically react and subsequently build resilient structures makes it one of the most functionally important chemical building blocks in the manufacturing world today. Formaldehyde provides exceptionally high functionality in a resource-efficient way. This means it is affordable -- no other organic molecule is able to achieve the same results at the same cost. Resource-efficiency also means materials and energy are not wasted in its production.

Whether it's used in plywood for home construction, fuel system components for automobiles or door and window insulation for modern airliners, formaldehyde provides greater utility for consumers in the form of extended use, consistent quality and reliable performance and safety.

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