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Papers, Presentations & Posters

Presenter at CPI Conference

Topic Areas for Papers and Posters:

  • Final Paper (if accepted) submit by June 10, 2024
  • Poster Abstracts submit by July 10, 2024

Papers and posters will showcase breakthrough technology in any of the example topics below or other various categories:

  • Applications: Automotive, Appliances/Cold Chain, Construction, Furnishings, Recreation, Clothing, Medical, Packaging
  • Chemistry: Chemistry & Fundamentals, Diisocyanates, Renewable Content Polyols, Biobased Materials, Recycled Content, Blowing Agents, Flame Retardants, Release Agents, Catalysts
  • Issue Areas: Fire Safety, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), Energy Efficiency, Sustainability/Recyclability, Design for Circularity, Transportation, Regulatory Challenges
  • Other: If your paper topic on Polyurethane does not fit in any of the above categories, please submit it as “other”.
  • NEW! Panel Discussions: Abstracts for panel discussions are being accepted. 
  • Process: Processing Innovations, Equipment, Digitalization, 3-D Printing, Modeling
  • Product Areas: Adhesives & Sealants, Coatings & Elastomers, Binders, Flexible Foam, Rigid Foam, Thermoplastic Polyurethanes, Agriculture, Composites
  • Sustainability: Recyclability, Design for Circularity, Circular Economy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know you spend a lot of time and resources preparing your technical papers, presentations, and posters for the annual conference. That is what makes the Polyurethanes Technical Conference so valuable for you, your company, and attendees. In addition to presenting the most recent, high quality, and interesting work in the field of polyurethanes chemistry, CPI works hard to help you promote your work and manage a fair process that considers the interests of the CPI membership at large. These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) should help explain the process and answer your questions.


Technical paper and poster abstracts are now being accepted. Technical paper abstracts will be accepted through February 12, 2024. Poster abstracts will be accepted through July 10, 2024. Make sure to review the topic areas above to see which category your paper or poster will fit in, fill out CPI's online form here and click submit!

CPI wants to promote a fair and open exchange of technical information and have plenty of time for discussion. We do this in several ways. Your work must be truthful, accurate, substantiated and otherwise in compliance with the law. Papers, presentations and posters must avoid discussions of cost (for example, cost of materials, cost of labor, cost to comply with regulations); you must demonstrate (in writing) that you have permission to use product names and/or images not belonging to your company (don’t worry—we have a form for that!); and you should avoid use of language that is disparaging of other products (for example, don’t say, “You can make X additive without using any of the Y materials that cause Q health effect.”). This last part can be especially challenging. Of course we want you to explain the benefits of your technical advancements. Feel free to do so without defaming someone else’s product.

CPI has a review process for each paper and presentation submitted for our annual Technical Conference. This process considers the interests of the conference as well as each company’s image, products, and investment in time and energy. It is possible that you will be asked to edit your submission if it does not meet the criteria above. If you have questions about this kind of request, just contact us, and we’ll explain our concern.

Below are suggested formats for each type.

  • Abstract: Title of abstract; authors; 250 – 500 word description of technical developments for all of the important polyurethane industry sectors.
  • Paper: Abstract; introduction; experimental details; results and discussion; conclusion; references; biographies; American Chemistry Council Copyright information in the footer; Fair Use Statement; and Appendix (if needed). If Fair Use Statement and Copyright information is needed, CPI can provide these to authors.
  • Presentation: Company logo; introduction; experimental details; results and discussion; conclusion; references; biographies; and Fair Use Statement. If Fair Use Statement and Copyright information is needed, CPI can provide these to authors.
  • Commercial names of products, and images (if not owned by your company and not accompanied by permission).
  • Information that should not be incorporated includes price, production, transportation rates, the cost of compliance with regulations, or market procedures.
  • Please refer to ACC's Antitrust Guidelines if you have any questions.

CPI requires all work to be original and unpublished.

  • Papers, Presentations, and Posters must be technical in nature and should not include any commercial images or product names (without written permission).
  • Submitters can use their own company images in presentations.
  • Use generic names of competing products if needed (for example: Polyol 1, Polyol 2 or Catalyst A, Catalyst B).
  • Submissions should not contain marketing language—the focus should be scientific information.
  • Do not include information about price, production, transportation rates, the cost of compliance with regulations, or market procedures.
Paper and Poster abstracts are now being accepted. Click here to submit your abstract today!

If you have questions, contact Laura Dickemann at (202) 249-6525 or Laura_dickemann@americanchemistry.com.


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