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Sustainability: Benefits of Polyurethane and Polyiso Insulation

Lower Energy Use and Cost

Once the air in a building is heated or cooled, polyurethane and polyiso foam insulation helps it stay in the building, helping to lower energy bills. Polyurethane and polyiso foams can help building owners save on energy bills from the very first day of installation. Polyurethane insulation systems create protective air barriers in attics, walls and under floors, effectively sealing off the building from the elements to help save energy. Furthermore, buildings insulated with polyurethane foam often require smaller heating and air conditioning units, which could save additional money for the building owner.

Keeping the Outside Air Outside

Air typically makes its way indoors through openings and cracks in attics, floors, foundation or exterior walls, decreasing a building's energy efficiency and also bringing along dust, pollutants, noise and moisture. Air barriers control this infiltration by creating a seal around the building's ventilation system and entire building envelope.

Polyurethane and polyiso insulation systems create a tight barrier around your home, helping to prevent infiltration of outside air and the escape of indoor air.


The array of polyurethane products—for both interior and exterior use—allows a remarkable variety in design and function. The thin profile of many polyurethane products allows architects more flexibility in creative design while maximizing interior space.

Instead of having to fit into traditional, uniformly spaced studs or rafters, some polyurethane foam insulation can conform to most any size or shape.

Bay windows, angled walls, curved or arched ceilings—virtually any unusual framing design can be well insulated and tightly sealed with polyurethane insulation, creating more design flexibility, energy efficiency and functional space.


Due to the ability to block air movement, polyurethane insulation creates a tight barrier around buildings, helping to block infiltration of pollen, dust, allergens and other irritating and unhealthy contaminants. Polyurethane and polyiso insulation also help to prevent moisture and condensation throughout the building envelop, which retards the growth of mold and mildew.

Noisy neighbors or busy streets? Polyurethane foam insulation has another benefit, it helps block neighborhood noise to create a more peaceful and comfortable building.

Energy efficient buildings, such as those using polyurethane and polyiso foam products, use less energy to heat and cool, requiring less fossil fuel use and emitting fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether designing, building or remodeling, take a closer look at these polyurethane foam products (pipe insulation, structural insulated panels, spray polyurethane foam, polyiso boardstock, and insulated sheathing).

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